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Piper Bishop ||Awkard Friends; Austin's girlfriend'. Before, he would've considered Piper a sister, no, not a sister, she was too hot for that, more like a second cousin. The two have gotten along well but ever since Parker switched to the Gladiators things have been awkward.

Austin Marshall || Brothers; Austin has been a pain in the ass for Parker. When Parker needed him the most he was never there. Before the incident with Parker's girlfriend the two were just starting to become close. Now Parker percieves Austin as a selfish asshole who's betrayed him and would rather piss in his own tea and drink it than talk to him, and Parker hates tea so that's saying a lot.

Julian Wolfe || Acquaintances; Julian is obviously every girl at the toy box's latest crush. But Lacey isn't sure if his down to earth personailty is legit. She'll be nice to him...for now.

Jeremy Lasseter || Acquaintances; Jerremy seems to be the stereotypical nerd from high school. Although he appears to be pretty laid back, Lacey isn't sure what to think of him.

Maxwell Cash || Acquaintances; Lacey doesn't know much about Max, not even his name. But as far as she can tell he seems pretty chill and easy to get along with.

Ella Bryant || Acquaintances; Other than the fact that Ella is from a city full of overly confident people, Lacey doesn't mind her. She hasn't proved herself to be a friend or foe. For now Lacey settles with her being a neutral relationship of some sorts.

Lia Finley || Acquaintances; Lacey finds Lia easy to talk to. But Lia seems to stay in her comfort zone which attracts Lacey more to becoming close with her. Although Lia may be underage a little party here and there shouldn't hurt her...right?

Lux McMillan || Close Friends; Practically Lacey's partner in crime. The two both have parental issues and love to get wild together.